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I have counselled individuals and couples for over 20 years exploring possibilities of how to create relationships that are more fulfilling.

Is your relationship what you would like it to be?

Is your life as fulfilling as you would like it to be?

You always have choices.

I can work with you exploring many possibilities you might not have thought about, to enhance your relationships as well as your life.

Have you ever thought about what your life could be?

Why aren’t you living that life now?

Do you need help with all the possibilities that might be available to you?

Your relationships can be much better with your loved ones. I can teach you how to make your life more fulfilling, happier, more gratifying, and more enriched. There are steps you can take…it’s a process I can lead you through to help you to learn how to communicate better, be more patient, learn how to deal with conflict in a constructive way and how to work with your partner to have a relationship like you never had before.

It only takes a few tips before your life and relationships can get better.

Why not explore what is holding you back and do something about your life today?

As a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a national board certified, licensed professional counselor, I have over 25 years of experience working with couples and individuals in my my private practice, located near the Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I offer individual counseling, couples/relationship counseling, business coaching, as well as seasonal retreats and workshops for women.

Thank you and best wishes,


Sara Rose, Ph.D.


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