Don’t Give Up

Has it been four years already? Hooray for the Summer Olympics! I’ve been watching some of the events recently and I think one of my favorite parts is the athlete-focused human interest stories.
One that has really stuck with me this week is the story of Yusra Mardini. She’s an 18 year old Syrian refugee competing in the Women’s 100m butterfly.
ctAnd that’s not the only thing that makes her extraordinary. Last August, she jumped in the freezing cold water of the Aegean Sea and pulled a sinking boat filled with 18 refugees to safety.
I can only imagine what goes through a person’s mind when faced with that kind of challenge. One thing is for sure, she didn’t give up.
Thankfully, she also didn’t jump in the water alone. Her teenage sister Sarah was right there with her.
This got me to thinking about what it’s like to swim for your life when the promise of dry land and safety are so close you can see it. 2ct
What keeps a person going? What would keep me going? I challenge you to ask yourself the same question and see what your heart tells you.
It’s important to remember that life isn’t about overcoming just one obstacle. After one setback or triumph there is another challenge waiting to be conquered. 
Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Whatever you’re struggling with right now, I encourage you not to give up. Keep going and you’ll reach the shore.

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