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Reaching for Your New Life—Healthy Recovery from Divorce can help if:

  • You want to be happier in your relationship, but don’t know what to do to make things better
  • You don’t know how to have a satisfying, fulfilling, healthy relationship
  • You are considering getting separated or divorced
  • You wonder if you will ever be happy again
  • You wonder if you can ever trust someone again
  • You are afraid of being alone and you wonder if you will make it
  • You don’t know where to begin to create a “new” normal for yourself
  • You don’t know who you are and what you want
  • You don’t know who you are without your mate
  • You can’t seem to get over grieving your loved one’s leaving
  • You don’t know how to protect your children

What people are saying about Reaching for Your New Life

Deciding to separate or divorce is difficult, stressful and scary. If you (or someone you love) are going through a marital separation, divorce, or the breakup of a relationship, consider these endorsements of Reaching for Your New Life-Healthy Recovery from Divorce,” the new book by Dr. Sara Rose:

“Sara’s book has a wealth of information that is exciting, empowering, and practical…and you can’t miss Her Heart.”—Leah Berne, Jungian Analyst, Nationally Certified Bodyworker, Jungian Integrative Studies

“Dr. Rose’s book is concise, compelling and comforting. It is a veritable handbook for anyone facing the inevitable…a transition in life. This book isn’t just about recovery from divorce; it is about the construction of your ‘New Life.’ It is a great, early step in the process you might be facing. The true virtue of this book is its distillation of experiences collected over decades and the simple, practical advice it offers to any of us facing tough transitions.”—Pamela Davies, Ph.D., President of Queens University of Charlotte

“The book is both empathic and practical—something that can be hard to achieve. The fact that Reaching for Your New Life offers hope for future happiness is what makes it strong and easy to continue reading!” —Faison S. Covington, M.S.W, L.C.S.W., Co-author of Free From Fears

“Divorce can be devastating, especially for women who find themselves facing new and increased responsibilities. This turmoil can have serious mental health consequences, including depression and anxiety. Dr. Sara Rose provides a valuable resource with practical advice for coping, and even triumphing, that can help women rebuild their lives.”—Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady



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